Coconut Oil: Superfood or Health Food Hoax? Part 3

By Michael Milburn

This is the 3rd and final part of a series on coconut oil. In Parts 1 and 2 I explored various aspects of the idea that coconut oil is a superfood supreme. Unfortunately for coconut oil enthusiasts, the various claims for the remarkable health benefits of the oil are just not grounded in reality. In this blog post, I’ll tackle the fat head on.
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Coconut Oil: Superfood or Health Food Hoax? Part 2

In Part 2 of this series on coconut I’ll take a look at the specific health claims made by coconut oil advocates. One of the most curious claims — that supposedly supports coconut oil’s superfood status — is that coconut oil kills bacteria. Research does show antibacterial properties when coconut oil is tested in a lab. But I’m not quite sure why an ability of a food to kill bacteria is a good thing. First of all, it is not clear that bacteria in the body are killed when you add some coconut oil to muffin or salad dressing or whatever. Antibacterial properties don’t necessarily survive the digestive system. Continue reading

Coconut Oil: Superfood or Health Food Hoax? Part 1

By Michael Milburn

For almost 30 years now, I have watched with interest and often amazement the diet fads and nutrition trends that come and go. Some of these latest new fads can be traced to the 19thcentury; some are exaggerations from a preliminary research study; and others really do stand the test of time as sensible for good health and gustatory pleasure.  One of these new fads — the obsession with coconut oil — has caught my attention in the last number of years.  Many people have asked me about it and I’ve taken the time to do a thorough investigation. Is coconut oil really a superfood or merely a health food hoax? Continue reading

It’s Easy Eating Green

blog-jessica-eating-greenGrowing up my parents had completely opposite dietary habits. My mom was quite healthy eating a mostly vegetarian diet at that point while my father survived mostly on meat and potatoes with a side of junk food and Tim Hortons coffee. I was with my Mom most of the time and ate what she was eating but on the weekends I was at my Dad’s I would eat all the junk and meat in sight. I continued the pattern of eating what Mom was having at home and eating junk food and meat when I was at work, with friends or at my Dad’s because I liked meat and junk food. Even though Mom would try to tell me about how much healthier being vegetarian Continue reading

Community Potluck this Sunday – Feb 17th


Join us for our community vegetarian potluck supper. This month Jacqueline and Blaise will answer questions on the 12 DAY AYURVEDIC WINTER CLEANSE they blogged about in January. See their blog posts at

SUNDAY 17 February 2013 • 5 – 7pm

Allegro Grill & Deli
222 Charlotte Street, Sydney, NS

FREE – just bring something to contribute to the buffet. Don’t forget to bring your own fork, plate, and serving utensils for your dish.

If you want more details, or would like to ask us a question about this event, please check the Facebook event page here:

Michael P. Milburn Writes to CBC’s Steve Sutherland

There is no hope for humanity until we learn to count to three. For most of us, everything is dual, right/wrong, up/down, black/white, climate change/no climate change, two sides to every issue, and never any context. Presenting the “two camps” implies that they are equal, so all you can do is throw up your arms and keep doing what you were doing.

We were recently treated to a fine example of this limited world view by Steve Sutherland’s Heart Healthy Diet segment on CBC’s Cape Breton Information Morning. Steve presented Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn within the context of duality, making it clear that at least he believes such things are obviously just a matter of opinion, and “clearly” represent only one of two camps on the issue. Subsequent choices of email commentary from listeners further Continue reading

Ayurvedic Cleanse – Day 10

granolaDay 10 –  Reintroduce starches and grains including Organic Brown Rice Kitchari

I started the day with my lemon drink and then got to have some wheat free granola with blueberries for breakfast.  When I was reading the nutrition label I realized that it has a lot of fat in it though so I think I will start making my own granola again.  I found a fat free recipe from Canadian LivingContinue reading

Ayurvedic Cleanse – Day 9

curried-vegetablesDay 9 – same as Day 8 – add in fruit and vegetables

I started the day with the Ayurvedic Facial Massage followed by the warm lemon drink.  Breakfast was a fruit salad with strawberries, pineapple, bananas, honeydew melon and apple.  For lunch I had a bit of a replay from dinner the night before – the other half of my sweet potato, lima beans and green beans.  I love lima beans so it is not a hardship for me to eat them two days in a row. Continue reading

Ayurverdic Cleanse – Day 8

sweet-potato-dinnerDay 8 – Add in vegetables and fruit

Our day started again with a lemon drink.  After that we had our green smoothies (kale, banana, cherries, and frozen fruit mix) to take with us to work.  Lunch was soup and a salad.   The salad was baby spinach, cucumber, yellow bell pepper and avocado with a lemon juice, garlic, olive oil dressing.  It was delicious.  Continue reading